Friday, April 29, 2011

SR1911 Is Popular

Ruger's entry into the 1911 market is getting a lot of attention at the NRA Annual Meeting.

The Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle is also getting a lot of looks.

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  1. This pistol seems well thought out and properly priced. I would guess that the Pine Tree castings and piece parts are first rate. Probably no "pre-call" for these pistols. I am a bit disheartened at Ruger's "me too" approach to product development since Big Bill's passing. Say what you want about his mag bannin' and hell-for-stout designs, Ruger was a modern American innovator and his semi-auto 22's, early revolvers, single shot rifle, and Garand advancements were not copycats and hit a sweet spot for a lot of gun buyers.

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