Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lever Guns For Personal Protection

I admit that I don't own any lever-action rifles or carbines. That said, Sheriff Jim makes a good case for owning one especially if you live in a gun unfriendly area.

I like the idea of one in a pistol caliber like a .357 Magnum where you can use the same ammo in your revolver and your rifle. I'm just still looking for the right one for me.


  1. I keep a Marlin 44 magnum carbine. Matches up nicely with my model 29 Smith and Ruger Blackhawk.
    The Marlin is an easy and fast one to load, too!
    One set of dies, one casting of lead and I am ready to go.
    I can, but don't own an AR yet.

  2. When I first saw an Winchester 94, I thought it looked clunky and unrefined... then I shouldered it... wow, this design is amazingly point able.

    Then I shot it and found that after about 10 rounds, 30-30 was too much for my shoulder.

    A Marlin in .357 magnum is on my list now.

  3. My wife's favorite revolver is a 4" S&W 625 in .45LC....she'll carry it sometimes, when she carries a big purse.

    So, I got her a Marlin 1894 in .45LC also. She's cute with her bandoleer of bullets...