Friday, September 9, 2011

Beretta Joins The Micro-Nine Club With The Nano

Beretta has joined the micro-nine club with their new pistol, the Nano. I am a bit surprised that a pistol from an Italian company has such Austro-Germanic lines. It has none of the traditional Beretta soft lines or "curviness" of either the Model 92 or the PX4.

From Beretta's press release:
ACCOKEEK, MARYLAND -- Beretta USA confirms recent internet rumors regarding its entry into the pocket 9mm pistol category with the introduction of the Beretta BU-9 Nano. Initial shipments of the much anticipated American-made pistol are slated to leave the Accokeek, Maryland factory beginning late October, and with a suggested retail price of $475, this next evolution pocket pistol will be hard to resist.

Unlike traditional pistols the serial number on the Nano is found not on the frame, but on the stainless steel sub-chassis. This distinct difference makes the BU-9 Nano truly modular, providing customers the opportunity to easily change the techno-polymer grip frame from a full size pistol, to a compact, to a sub-compact or to a color other than black, all with a single serial number. The modularity of the Nano provides the option of customization and extends beyond the frame to its interchangeable sights and ambidextrous magazine release button. Owners no longer need the services of a gunsmith to change the front and rear sights, a simple hex screw allows for a host of sight options and adjustments; while left-handed shooters will appreciate the Nano's ambi mag release, an exclusive feature in the pocket pistol category.

Second to customization, the Nano's modularity provides for simple disassembly and easy cleaning. Safely disassemble the pistol by first engaging the striker deactivator, a patent pending safety mechanism that eliminates the need to pull the trigger prior to disassembly. A low-profile, snag free design completes the Nano and makes it easy to carry, draw from concealment and holster, mandatory features for any pocket pistol.

Launching simultaneously, the new Nano microsite showcases the distinct features and benefits that make this pistol the perfect handgun choice for everyday conceal carry. As the BU-9 Nano family grows, customers will find the latest news, model comparisons, informational videos and the latest advertising campaigns, all contained in one easy to navigate website. For now, visit to learn what makes the Beretta BU-9 Nano an instant contender in the pocket 9mm category.

H/T Outdoor Wire


  1. If I had to guess it the square lines are to keep the gun as small and narrow as possible.

    Again good to see more pocket guns in major calibers showing up.

    Wasn't too long ago people were lugging around all-steel .25s and .32s when they needed a small gun.

  2. If it is essentially a thin Glock, that may interest me. I like the LC9, but Ruger bowed too much with some of the junk they threw on that thing. This may be a decent alternative.

  3. Would like to see a magazine extension with room for the pinky.