Monday, September 5, 2011

Know Your Enemy

The famous director Frank Capra produced a film for the military called "Know Your Enemy - Japan". It was a part of his famous series of films entitled "Why We Fight" whose purpose, in Capra's words, was to explain to soldiers "why the hell they're in uniform".

Linoge posted an entry today entitled "The Strange Bedfellows of 'Gun Control'". It could just as easily be entitled "Know Your Enemy - Violent Gun Banners". In this post he discusses an anti-rights cultist Laci the Chinese Crested aka James Charles Michael Bannerman. Bannerman has now taken to hanging out on JaPete - Joan Peterson's blog.

Linoge reminds us that we need to bear in mind the perspective of these gun prohibitionists:
In any case, it is an important perspective for pro-rights advocates for us to bear in mind. “Gun control” supporters like Bannerman do want us dead for daring to have differing opinions, and are willing to use the government to kill us if they have to. Other “gun control” supporters with stiffer spines are willing to murder us themselves. Countless “gun control” supporters want to ban firearms, ban our rights, harass and bully us, intimidate us and our families, and silence us by any means available.

These are the people we are fighting against, folks. These are the people we would defend our rights against. And these are the people we cannot permit to win. Ever.
 I don't normally call someone who disagrees with me my enemy but when they want me dead it is not normal times. They are our enemy and that is why we fight.

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  1. If someone tells me that they want me dead - regardless of whether they are willing to pull the proverbial trigger or not - they have just declared themselves to be my enemy, and I would be foolish not to categorize them as such.

    People like Bannerman are exactly the reason I own firearms and will continue to do so... Thanks for spreading the story!