Monday, September 5, 2011

Gangs Hiding Guns In Sarah Brady Paradise? Unpossible!

SkyNews has a breathless account of how they were tipped off to a cache of guns hidden by gang members in London "ready for further disorder after the unrest in England last month."

The tip lead to a major raid by the Metropolitan Police which is shown in the video below. The reporter had received a text message with the location of the guns and he passed it on to police.
"Guns in yellow and orange jd bag at st peters court wickham road brockley london se4, open the bin area at entrance, on left hand side, this is a black metal door, you will find in bin the guns within the bag, describe, the bin area has st peters court written above in big writing on sign, remember left hand side bin, st peters court are a small block of flats."
A quick English to American translation -  the guns are in a JD Sports shopping bag hidden in a garbage can within a garbage can storage area for the St. Peters Court apartment building.

So the total haul was 2 flintlock pistols, 2 flare guns, and an old rusty revolver. Not that they can't be used to kill someone but the way the British police were acting you'd have thought it was 3 full-auto Glock 18's and a pair of Glock 17's loaded with +P jacketed hollow points.

I love the last comments from Detective Chief Inspector Theresa Breen after calling this a major haul.
"We will identify whether those weapons have been used in any crimes. If they have we will use that information to go out and identify those offenders, arrest those offenders and put them before the courts."
I really wonder how they are going to do that. I guess they'll be checking records in the area to see who was buying pieces of flint at a lapidary shop.

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