Tuesday, September 27, 2011

United Way Pledges

Now is about the time that companies start their United Way Campaigns. I know our parent company is really pushing it this year and is looking for 100% participation. They will even match my contribution at 50%.

If you don't specify an agency, your contribution goes into the UW General Fund and is spread out amongst the recipient agencies. Some of these you may like and some you may not. Some may even be actively working to restrict gun rights.

There is an alternative. You can designate the organization to receive the money. They don't publicize this much but you can do it. The only requirement is that the organization be a 501(c)3 non-profit.

So how can you combine the United Way with the fight for gun rights? Simple - designate your gift to go to the Second Amendment Foundation. They are a 501(c)3 non-profit and are eligible to receive United Way monies. Their ID number for the United Way is 91-6184-167-501-C3.

It is something to consider.


  1. Instead of letting the United Way skim off thirty cents on the Dollar, I just donate directly to the charities and non-profits.

  2. @nguyenhm16: Normally, I'd agree. However, in many cases as with mine, I am told I "need" to contribute. It really isn't an option. Given that I say make the best of it and give to a good organization like the SAF. Even if UW skims 30% off the top, my company match makes it more than even.

  3. The problem is that the UW chapter sets its "budget" for how much each group gets. Unless your donation is more than that charities' share, it doesn't result in them getting any more money- it's kind of like saying your electricity is from a windmill when it is all mixed together on the lines. If you want to give to SAF, give directly. I never give to UW despite the yearly corporate drive. The farthest I go is to fill in the paperwork with a $0 one time donation so they see I sent it.

  4. @John K: I do give directly to SAF. I just saw this as a way to satisfy my bosses and to get the company to send money to SAF as well. Of course it isn't perfect which I think we all know.