Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rule No. 4 Violation By SFPD

In a story reported by KCBS in San Francisco yesterday, two innocent bystanders were wounded when police shot at a fleeing suspect. The suspect, later identified as 20-year-old San Pablo resident Jesus Paredes Rodriguez, was not hit.
The woman, who was hit in the thigh, was treated at San Francisco General Hospital and has been released, (SFPD Lt. Troy) Dangerfield said. The man, who was struck in the lower leg, was still in the hospital as of this afternoon. Both their injuries were described as non-lifethreatening.
Rule No. 4 - Be sure of your target and of what is beyond it. There is a reason for that rule and the two innocent bystanders who had an unexpected visit to SF General were the victims of this rule violation.

If a concealed carry holder had done this, he or she would be in jail charged with a felony. The officers in question, however, are on paid administrative leave and, let's be frank, they probably will not only not be charged with a felony but will keep their jobs.

The whole incident brings to mind the proposed regulations by SF Sheriff Michael Hennessey for getting a carry permit. Those regulations are predicated on the gun prohibitionists' favorite notion that police are "the only ones" to be trusted with a firearm since they are "trained" and thus they need to make it very hard for a "civilian" to obtain a permit. But why is it that CCW holders almost never shoot innocent bystanders but the same can't be said for law enforcement?

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  1. Well, for starters we pretty much don't shoot anyone that's running away.