Monday, September 19, 2011

It Is Only Fitting

Copyright trolls Righthaven LLC and its owner Steve Gibson are in the crosshairs of Wayne Hoehn's attorneys. Seems that Righthaven has an unpaid judgment against them and Hoehn's attorneys are asking the U.S. Marshalls Service to seize their bank accounts for non-payment.
Attorneys representing Wayne Hoehn filed a motion Sunday asking the court to issue a writ of execution for Hoehn's judgment against Righthaven after the group defied the court ordered payment due date last week. The motion states, "No stay prohibiting Hoehn’s execution of his judgment is in place, nor would any such future stay have retroactive effect." It also states that the "Court is entitled to authorize the U.S. Marshalls to execute Hoehn’s judgment" through seizure of bank accounts.

That would be sweet justice because Righthaven's campaign against bloggers was always about money and never about seeking justice.

H/T Sebastian

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