Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quote Of The Day

Mark Steyn is a Canadian who gets it as does Canadian blogger Kathy Shaidle.

What’s missing from these commemorations?


Oh, please. There are some pieces of the puzzle we have to leave out. As Mayor Bloomberg’s office has patiently explained, there’s “not enough room” at the official Ground Zero commemoration to accommodate any firemen. “Which is kind of weird,” wrote the Canadian blogger Kathy Shaidle, “since 343 of them managed to fit into the exact same space ten years ago.”

I find this especially poignant since my second cousin Kevin McEntyre is a New York City fireman, who by the grace of God, had gone off duty that morning and was on his way home when the terrorists hit the World Trade Center. Many in his fire company were not so lucky and were among the 343 that died that day. Kevin spent many days afterwards at Ground Zero searching for survivors and then for the bodies of the dead.

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  1. Bloomberg...what an ass.
    Between his behaving so badly on the occasion of this anniversary - the firefighters should be there instead of him and his photo op retinue - or heading the ridiculous 'Mayors Against Illegal Guns' campaign - before telling the rest of the country what we should be doing about guns try cleaning up the black market for firearms in your own G__D___ city - I wish he would just crawl back in his penthouse and shut the hell up.