Thursday, February 28, 2013

Boulder Airlift

Magpul has started what they are calling the Boulder Airlift. They are moving Colorado residents to the head of the line for 10-packs of PMags. This move to flood Colorado with standard capacity magazines was started by Suarez International's One Source Tactical a few days earlier. Michael Bane has more info on that plus Magpul's statement. He called it a classy thing to do.

If you do something classy like that you should have a classy drawing to go along with it - and they do. Using a scene reminiscent of the Berlin Airlift, Magpul is reminding Coloradans to take advantage of this offer. They also are working on similar programs for citizens in other states who are having their freedom challenged.


  1. Good for them, and it's probably too little too late.

  2. I like it.........but we are a constitutional republic, not a democracy.....

  3. Excellent! Instead of Onkel Chocolate it's Uncle P-mag.
    Die Gedanken sind noch Frei.
    My Thoughts are still free.

  4. Seemed like a really good thing HOWEVER, I have yet to receive anything I ordered almost 1 month ago. Maybe it was just all a bunch of hype.