Monday, February 18, 2013

Could You Slant The Poll Wording Just A Bit More?

The Colorado State House passed their standard capacity magazine ban by a vote of 33 to 31. Every Democrat save three voted for HB 1224.

This led the Denver Post to set up an on-line poll asking whether or not Magpul should follow through on their promise to leave the state if HB 1224 is enacted into law. It asks, "If Colorado passes legislation banning the possession of high-capacity gun magazines, should Colorado-based manufacturers of such magazines leave the state?"

Look at the language of the Yes vote:
Yes. Let them carry through with their recent threats to leave. Colorado doesn't need them here.
Could you slant it any more than this?

Now look at the language of the No vote in the poll:
No. HB 1224 makes it clear they could still legally produce high-capacity magazines to sell elsewhere, and Colorado needs the jobs.
Now think about that - if the legislature really believes a product is so dangerous and so injurious to the public safety that it must be banned in the state, then why on Earth would you allow it to be produced and then put into interstate commerce?

As the Republican Minority Leader noted:
House Minority Leader Mark Waller, R-Colorado Springs, said it was "absolutely inconsistent" for Democrats to have added an amendment to the bill in an attempt to keep Erie -based gun magazine manufacturer Magpul from leaving the state. The amendment says manufacturers could still make high-capacity magazines for out-of-state sale.

"Apparently, they (high-capacity magazines) are not instruments of destruction when they're purchased outside the borders of Colorado," Waller said.
 Unless a few Democrats in the State Senate show some spine and defeat the bill, Magpul will be moving. If I were an industrial recruiter in another state, I'd be putting my package together right now. It really is a sad state of affairs in the Centennial State.


  1. "If I were an industrial recruiter in another state, I'd be putting my package together right now."

    Heh, I would say say that they should have had their pitch ready a week ago. Of course, that's sad to say, but it's true.

  2. Hey, this could be a huge opportunity for Illin--sorry, lost my head for a minute there. Never mind.

  3. It's another sad day here in Colorado.... followed (I fear) by many more.

  4. Don't these laws violate the Commerce Clause?

  5. Yeah, but at least Magpul is in a position to move. Do you know what a Mom and Pop Gun Store is going to have to do to get out of Commierado? Ever try to move a FFL from one State to another?