Friday, February 15, 2013

If Gun Banners Had Their Way, All Pistol Safes Would Be Like This

I came across this video this evening. To listen to some of the gun prohibitionists masquerading as "gun safety experts" a pistol safe like the one in the video would keep us safer. Frankly, I think it only makes things safer for the criminal element.


  1. Excellent, the ignorance of liberals exposed.

  2. Small problem with the video:

    That "transfer" to an operator was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too fast. In real life, when trying to get a real freaking person, there are always multiple attempts where it says you made an "invalid entry," hangs up on you after too many "invalid" entries, you have to call back, you finally find the correct button order to finally get to a real person, a massive delay and dead airtime, then a wait on hold, hold music, then more delays, then maybe you get an operator whose English is awful.

    Solution: don't live in the communist state of commiefornia or any other state that forces you to lock up the safety of you and your family.

  3. Post feinstein and steinbergs address information. Do live broadcasts from the homes of all shareholders of the banking industry/military industrial complex and politicians pushing gun control until someone amongst the millions now knowing where they live- FRAGS EM!

  4. Woman in Texas goes to court and judge asks, "Ma'am, why did you shoot the intruder 6 times?"
    She replies, "Well sir, I didn't have time to reload."