Thursday, February 14, 2013

Practice For When Ammo Is In Short Supply

When ammo is in short supply or rising in cost, many people don't get in the practice that they need to stay proficient with their handguns. This new video from the National Shooting Sports Foundation discusses an alternative - dry-firing. Charlie McNeese of Gunsite Academy discusses the many important skills that you can hone with dry-fire practice at home. These include trigger control and reset, your presentation and draw, and magazine reloads. Some of these skills are hard to practice at public ranges as they often prohibit things like drawing from a holster or speed reloads.


  1. I have been doing this very thing for nearly 15 years... and folks it works

  2. Dry firing is important, but don't overlook airsoft as well. It's inexpensive, and goes beyond dry firing, since you're actually launching a pellet and can see where it hits.