Sunday, February 17, 2013

"With Bullets Designed To Inflict Maximum Damage"

All you hear from the gun prohibitionists and the talking heads in the media is how military-style weapons don't belong on the streets due to the damage that they can inflict. Note they are talking about the cosmetics of the weapon and not really its lethality. However, by the way they characterize the AR-15, AK-47, and other magazine-fed semiautomatic rifles they are intentionally trying to confuse people into believing that these are exactly the same arms as used by the military. No matter that true select-fire arms are governed under the National Firearms Act and many such as the M-4 are unavailable except to the military or law enforcement.

The video below is part of the NRA's Stand and Fight campaign. It features Jessie Duff's appearance on Hannity in which she demonstrated the difference in size of holes created by the .223, the .30-06,  12 gauge shotgun slugs, and a 12 gauge load of No. 2 shot.


  1. It is dishonest to call these rifles "military assault weapons" when the military would never want to use them. It is also dishonest to say these guns don't belong on our streets when the police routinely carry them.


    It is honest to say the media lies.

  2. It's typical of the left... Obfuscation, if not outright lies... and the MSM backs them up!!!

  3. DIYers are making an end run around the attempts to ban or restrict "assault weapons":

    3D Print your own high capacity magazines and other firearms parts