Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Reasonable Gun Control?

I think Chris Cox of the NRA-ILA hits the nail on the head in this short video. Administration documents show that an effective AWB would require mandatory gun buybacks while universal background checks would require gun registration to be effective. Thanks but no thanks!

After watching this video with Chris Cox and watching Jessie Duff on TV, I think the NRA should reconsider having Wayne LaPierre be the number one spokesman for the NRA. While Wayne has been in the fight for a long time, I think Chris and Jessie give a more up-to-date and appealing face to the gun rights battle.

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  1. +1. I agree completely with relying on the right spokesman. Mr. Lapierre is a great man with absolutely the correct stance and has fought a substantial portion of his career for us. Proper communication is key from people who have that talent such as Mrs. Duff and Mr. Cox.