Monday, April 15, 2013

GRNC - Hagan Says Your Vote Doesn't Matter

A number of people who called Sen. Kay Hagan's office today were told by staff she planned to vote for the Manchin-Toomey amendment according to Grass Roots North Carolina. I can't really say I'm surprised given the reports that she is one of the more frequent guests aboard Manchin's boat Black Tie. I wouldn't be surprised if she also uses the CCRKBA endorsement of Manchin-Toomey amendment as cover.

GRNC has issued another alert regarding Hagan's position along with a call for people to demonstrate outside Sen. Richard Burr's district office in Winston-Salem tomorrow.

From their alert:
Sen. Kay Hagan vows support for universal gun registration!

US Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC, GRNC-1) plans to vote for the Toomey-Manchin “compromise” amendment to S. 649 which will come up for a vote possibly as early as tomorrow. After months of sitting on the fence and testing the political waters, Sen. Hagan and her office staffers are no longer hiding behind vague comments as to her position on the bill. Several GRNC members have called Senator Hagan's office today and the response from her staff was united: Senator Hagan will vote for the Toomey-Manchin amendment to S. 649. When several GRNC members pointed out over the phone that it may cost Hagan their votes in her re-election campaign next year, the answer from her office was simple: “you probably wouldn't vote for her anyway”...

Toomey-Manchin “compromise” not what it appears

While some pro-gun advocates are singing the praises of the amendment, others such as David Kopel are pointing out the deceptions within. In an article published today, Kopel makes a factual observation which exposes the amendment for what it is: a complete and total sellout. In his article, Kopel makes two key points:

1. The provision which claims to outlaw national gun registration in fact authorizes a national gun registry.

2. The provision which is supposed to strengthen existing federal law protecting the interstate transportation of personal firearms in fact cripples that protection.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV, GRNC-0) is trying to push S. 649 through with no open debate, and Senator Hagan seems more than willing to vote for the bill without actually reading it and with no regard to how her constituents feel about the amendment or the bill itself. As we suspected from the beginning, her mind is made up- even before all the facts are known about the bill.

Stand with GRNC at Sen. Burr's district office to voice your displeasure
On Tuesday, April 16 at 10:00 AM, GRNC will be holding a demonstration at Senator Richard Burr's district office in Winston-Salem to deliver the message that his sellout by voting for S. 659 will not be tolerated, and that if he votes for the Toomey-Manchin "compromise" described below, we will work to remove him from office. As always, please "dress for the press" -- no offensive signs or clothing. Please note that firearms at demonstrations are prohibited by law. Suggested themes for signs: "Richard Burr: 2nd Amendment Sellout?" and "Burr: Vote 'NO' on Toomey-Manchin". Please RSVP with number of people attending to: Yes, it's a work day: BE THERE ANYWAY!

Burr's office is at: 2000 West 1st St., Suite 508, Winston-Salem, NC 27104. BRING LOTS OF FRIENDS! It you live too far away from this office, visit other district offices, which can be found at:


  • Call Senator Kay Hagan Tuesday between 9am-11am and voice your displeasure over her intended vote.
  • Call Senator Richard Burr and press him to vote “no” on the Toomey-Manchin amendment.
  • Attend the demonstration at Sen Burr's office on Tuesday morning at 10:00 am!


Senator Kay Hagan (202) 224-6342
Senator Richard Burr (202) 224-3154


Suggested Subject: "Vote "No" on Toomey-Manchin Amendment"

Sample phone message for Sens. Burr and Hagan:

Dear Senator:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he will bring S. 649, the most recent scheme for universal gun registration, to the Senate floor after Easter. Be aware that I consider none of the gun control proposals in the Senate to be acceptable, and will not accept "compromise" on the issue.

Nor am I fooled by procedural machinations such as trying to amend other legislation to include a ban on so-called "assault weapons" or standard capacity magazines, either for the purpose of slipping such legislation through with less opposition, or for the purpose of giving "cover votes" to candidates who are weak on the Second Amendment.

In fact, I expect you to vote “no” to the Toomey-Manchin amendment, as well as S. 649 when it comes to the Senate floor for a vote.

I look forward to your support, and will closely monitor your actions via Grass Roots North Carolina legislative alerts.


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  1. While the reply from Hagan's office is that I probably wouldn't vote for her anyway is correct. I can point out that given the importance of this issue to me, not only will I not vote for her, but I will actively fight against her re-election. And that will be direct result of her vote. Hopefully, others of a like mind will bring home the point that more is at stake for her than an individual vote.