Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Jersey Native Threatens To Replace AZ Senator Over His Pro-Gun Stance

In one of the more amusing news stories today, Mark Kelly, gun control advocate and husband of Gabby Giffords, is threatening to "replace" Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) in 2018 if Flake doesn't vote for gun control.
Kelly was reacting to Flake's announcement -- posted Monday night on the senator's Facebook page -- that he will oppose a bill by conservative Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Pat Toomey, R-Penn., that would expand background checks to include people attempting to buy firearms from private individuals at gun shows or on the Internet. The bill is being offered as a compromise to amend a bill with a more sweeping background check requirement.

But Flake said on his Facebook page that he believes the bill would still go too far.

"Manchin-Toomey would expand background checks far beyond commercial sales to include almost all private transfers -- including between friends and neighbors -- if the posting or display of the ad for a firearm was made public," Flake said in his posting. "It would likely even extend to message boards, like the one in an office kitchen. This simply goes too far."
Kelly still thinks he can persuade Flake to come around on the Manchin-Toomey amendment "when I talk to him about why his concerns are unfounded."

If that doesn't work, then maybe the Orange, New Jersey native will threaten to hold his breathe and stomp his feet to get his way. For some reason I think that is destined to failure as well.


  1. Mr. Kelly will have a hard time replacing native Arizonan, Jeff Flake, considering Sen. Flake comes from a pioneer Arizona family of I don't know how many generations. Mr. Kelly would be a "carpet bagger" considering that prior to last year he and Ms. Giffords shared a home in Houston, TX. Mr. Kelly would be a one issue candidate and knows absolutely NOTHING of real Arizona issues. Fat chance he'll have, except for Mayor Bloomberg's out of state money. I've lived in Arizona for over 61 years and after moving to Ms. Giffords district, I never voted for her. Too liberal for me and my wife.

  2. They keep using the word "compromise." We need to get people talking about it for what it is; an infringement. Here's my favorite analogy of liberal's idea of compromise, (paraphrasing):
    Liberal: I want to move my fence 50 feet onto your land. That's reasonable.
    Conservative: No.
    Liberal: Alright, but we HAVE to do something. We'll move it 30 feet.
    Conservative: No.
    Liberal: You're being completely unreasonable. OK we'll settle on just 10 feet.
    They take the 10 feet of property through backhanded politics, smear tactics, and bold face lies. Then with huge grins say, "see, we can compromise. We;re such great human beings"

    Eventually they'll have all the property because they're never satisfied with just some of other peoples stuff.
    Frankly I'm ashamed that my predecessors in the liberty movement didn't fight harder against the NFA and restrictions since then. And I'm ashamed that the current NRA and my contemporary's aren't willing to fight those unconstitutional laws as they stand. As long as the President and other civil "servants" authorize their security and police forces to utilize suppressed short-barreled automatics they should be available to citizens without any burdensome restrictions.

    Sorry, all this insidious gun debate stuff has got me really livid today.

  3. Ummm... Yeah, right... Let Kelly 'try'!

  4. I am sure Marky Mark is gonna love explaining how he is for gun control, but bought an AR-15 and a 1911 the day before. Sorta the John Kerry/Obama, I was for it before I was against but now I am for it argument. Oh, and I am sure he has been totally faithful to his wife, too. Rumors do have a way of having a little truth.