Saturday, April 27, 2013

NY SAFE And Jobs

It isn't only the large firearm manufacturers whose business is affected by the NY SAFE law. While I've talked about Remington in the past, the law also impacts small manufacturers who have less clout. A case in point was recently publicized by WHEC-TV of Rochester.

Just Right Carbines of  Canandaigua makes a modern version of the camp carbine in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. The design of the JR Carbine allows it to be made with some off-the-shelf parts from the AR including the stock, pistol grip, and trigger mechanism. Therein lies the problem - the pistol grip. Because the JR Carbine uses a pistol grip, it is illegal to sell in New York.

The response of Gov. Cuomo's office is illustrative of the disdain they have for the firearms industry.
“For years, gun manufacturers have modified their products for sale in New York State, and the new law does not change that. The SAFE Act is designed to keep military-style assault weapons that have the potential to cause the greatest harm out of our communities while still respecting New York's long tradition of hunting and sport shooting.”
Let's be clear about one thing. Cuomo and the rest of the gun prohibitionists respect nothing about hunting or sport shooting.  It is only something that they have to endure so as to get the votes from those "Upstate hicks". If it costs a few jobs in western New York, so be it. I would imagine that as soon as an industrial recruiter from South Dakota or Texas or Alabama sees this story, Messrs, Fargnoli and Cutri will be getting a call.


  1. And hopefully as soon as they work out a deal, they are GONE... Cuomo and his crowd WILL pay attention when it starts hitting them in the pocketbook!

    1. Or when manufacturers refuse to sell to NY LE groups, or only sell their neutered "NY-SAFE-Compliant" designs with 7-round magazines and straight stocks to NY LE groups.

      Or we could go with option D: All of the above!

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