Tuesday, April 16, 2013

John Kerry - "Gun Violence" Keeps Japanese Students Away

From the vaguely French looking Secretary of State who, by the way, served in Vietnam:

Secretary of State John Kerry thinks Japanese students don't come to the United States to study because of "gun violence". He goes on to say:
Kerry cited Japan’s tough gun laws preventing almost all private firearms ownership and said the country was safer “where people are not running around with guns.”
Of course I'm sure Japan also has laws about the possession of chemical weapons like Sarin but that didn't stop the gas attacks on the Tokyo subway. Just like they have laws that make it illegal to kill schoolchildren, innocent bystanders, and coworkers with a knife.

UPDATE: The Washington Post evaluated Kerry's claim and gave it a 3 Pinocchio's out of a possible 4.  The number of Japanese exchange students has been declining for the last 15 years....as has their economy.

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  1. I'm glad guns keep Japanese students away! They frighten me, all dressed up like anime characters...well, not the girls. Is that sexist? I was in the Narita Airport in Tokyo end of last year and it was like being trapped in a manga...very very short skirts and lots of orange and blue hair. Plus free sushi and beer. My videographer and I considered moving to Narita and living in the first class airline lounge, at least until they caught us...

    ANyway, I'm frightened of Japanese students because they always seem to be recording me, and I'm afraid I'm on the "Please God Don't Let Get This Old!" YouTube channel in Japan. Either that or they're spies for the aliens who have hidden their Mothership behind the moon...which probably explains the orange and blue hair.

    And what about their fixations with robots!?! What's that all about? I watched DR. WHO...I know how this ends..."EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!"

    Plus, it's just wrong that Japanese shooters practice all year with high-dollar AirSoft guns, then come to the United States and win (or at least shoot better than me) in big shooting matches. Could Japanese students be spying on us to learn out Secret Ninja Pistol Techniques?

    Lots of questions need to be answered...I suggest we send Biden to Japan for, say a century, and get him on the case.

    Michael B