Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Headline Of The Day

The headline of the day comes from the National Journal on a story about today's win for gun rights (or defeat of gun control depending upon your perspective).

At Pivotal Point in Presidency, Obama Routed on Gun Control

What makes this headline even more sweet is that it was written by the National Journal's Ron Fournier who has been vehemently anti-gun. He tries to salvage this defeat by saying that the win could backfire if it empowers those backing gun prohibition.

I sincerely doubt that will happen given the differences in intensity between those who support rights and those who want to take them away. Even Fournier recognizes this. That said he still has high hopes for Obama's version of the Young Pioneers.
What if the fledgling OFA unlocks the key to converting Obama’s reelection machine into a million-member lobbying force? What if voters who support the Second Amendment and commonsense gun regulation get angry at Congress for ignoring them? What if these voters realize that the same social and technological forces that democratized 21st century media and commerce—as well as enabling revolutions in the Middle East—also empower individual Americans to change Congress?
To which I would say, dream on.


  1. I would say two things:

    1. young people are generally apethetic, and
    2. the very same social media worked well to coordinate opposition fo fhe gun control laws.

  2. Fournier would not seem to be living in the same world as we do, for this was supposed to be OFA's first big post-election action. Which came to nothing long before the vote.

    OFA was good at getting Obama elected; doesn't look like it's going to be of any use now that he's had his last election.