Monday, April 22, 2013

Some Good News For Reloaders

I came across this little tidbit this morning which contains some good news for reloaders. It is from the daily bulletin and contains news of powder shipments to online retailers.
Here’s good news for reloaders. Some large shipments of propellants were delivered in the last week, and we are starting to see supplies of some popular powders start to catch up to demand. Third Generation Shooting Supply received a very large order of Alliant Powders in one-pound containers, including the popular Reloader series. If you need RL15, RL19 or RL22 you may be able to grab some before it’s gone. TGSS has already sold nearly a ton of RL15 this week.

Natchez Shooters Supplies is featuring Vihtavuori powders, and the Natchez inventory system is showing supplies “in stock” for many of the most popular Vihtavuori powders including N320, N133, N135, N540, N150, N160, and N165. All these powders (including 8-lb jugs of N133) are shown “in stock” as of this morning, but we caution that things change quickly!
Links to retailers and more details are at the link above. Perhaps this is a sign that supply is starting to catch up with demand.


  1. Damn it! Wheres is the TiteGroup?? :)

  2. I'll be glad when primers start catching up. Especially small pistol.