Monday, April 22, 2013

Self-Defense Advice From Senator Feinstein

It appears that Sen. Dianne Feinstein has trained at the Joe Biden School of Tactical Shooting and Self Defense. She was a guest of Chris Wallace on FoxNews Sunday. He asked her whether in light of the lockdown in Watertown, Massachusetts with the bombing suspect still on the loose, would people have liked to have guns. Watch her answer below.

I guess we should be happy she didn't suggest the person go out on their porch and fire the shotgun in the air. Given the scenes of the police going door to door, bursting into houses, forcing people out, etc., that might have been a death wish.

H/T Dave Kopel


  1. I hate people who would strip us of our natural rights to self defense. Who cares if it is a 22-caliber semi-auto like an AR-15 or the more powerful 12 gauge shotgun? Only bigots I guess.

    Why is Feinstein even taken seriously by people?

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  3. They spout "you don't need an assault weapon" to stop a bad guy but ignore the hypocrisy of their support and praise of militarized police forces with their "Patrol rifles." Move along. No weapons of war to see hear.

  4. If "we got rid of machine guns because of how they're used", then surely she can name at least one criminal which used a machine gun in the crime.

  5. These people have never fired an AR15, have never fired a 12GA shotgun. They've most likely never fired ANY gun.

    But in the end, if they ban this one or that one, it will only be a few years before they go after 12GA shotguns. They'll call them assault shotguns with pistol grips and shoulder things that go up.

  6. She just KEEPS showing her ass... sigh

  7. I'm surprised she didn't advocate throwing up on yourself.

    And jeez Old NFO, the very mention of DIFI's ass is making me nauseous.

  8. Yeah, Senator Chernabog (see "Night on Bald Mountain") is at it again.