Tuesday, July 23, 2013

HB 937 Passes Both Houses And Is Sent To Governor

It appears that the North Carolina General Assembly can get its act together when it is under time pressure. The amended HB 937 was passed by both houses of the General Assembly this evening. Earlier reports had it being on the calendar for tomorrow.

The vote was 73-41 in favor of the amendment from the Conference Committee in the House while the Senate passed it by a vote of 32-14. The roll call of the votes are not available yet.


  1. What's the verdict on the amended bill?

    1. @Randian: With the exception of killing off the pistol purchase permit system, it gave us everything we wanted and more. It modified the pistol purchase permit system so that certain sheriffs couldn't arbitrarily put a limit on permits and it forces them to issue them within 14 days. Moreover, if a person is denied, they have to be given specific reasons backed by references to specific laws. I.e., the sheriff can't just say "I think you are trailer trash and you ain't gettin' a permit from me."