Monday, July 8, 2013

Sean Meets Gabby And Mark

Actually that is a misleading headline as Sean Sorrentino wasn't one of the 14 hand-picked "gun owners" chosen to sit down for a "discussion" with Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly in a Raleigh BBQ restaurant.

He tells me that he did get to see them...from a distance as they exited the side door of the restaurant surrounded by "a phalanx". Hmmm.

Sean has an excellent after-action report of the Giffords-Kelly whirlwind visit to Raleigh and the media's reaction to it. The headlines are not quite what Americans for Responsible Solutions would have liked.

Sean and the rest of his hastily assembled group of friends did a great job yesterday. It shows what real grassroots action looks like.


  1. Mark Kelly continues to impress me. When Gabby spoke, I never saw his lips or hands move. . . impressive Geppetto. IMpressive.

    -Dirk Diggler

  2. I wonder who pays for the "phalanx".

  3. @Sean: My pleasure. Thanks for bringing it together yesterday and for being such a good spokesman for our side.