Sunday, July 21, 2013

"The Lynching"

PJ Media's Afterburner with Bill Whittle gets it right in this video. It was not Trayvon Martin who was "lynched" by George Zimmerman. Rather, it was multi-racial George Zimmerman who has endured a figurative lynching by the media, the Department of Justice, and the dual racialist reverends - Sharpton and Jackson.

After having bought into the narrative that Trayvon was a misunderstood youth who got profiled by the racist Zimmerman because of the color of his skin and then murdered by Zimmerman, the media essentially stopped their investigation of any causal factors. These include the role of Trayvon Martin's drug use, the role that divorce played in his behavioral problems, and, if you really want to go deep, the ambiguous place of young black men without strong male role figures in a historically matriarchal community. In the video below, Whittle takes the media to task for their false narrative and examines in some detail items that the jury was not allowed to hear.

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  1. As always—treat a half-truth as the whole truth, and the result? AN UNTRUTH!
    Won't people ever learn?