Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Weekend Tab Clearing

It's time to do a clean-up on some of the items I've bookmarked for which I don't have time to do a full blog post.

Project Gunwalker or Operation Fast and Furious has been out of the public eye for a while now. Unfortunately, one of the firearms walked in the ATF's program has now been used to kill a police chief in Mexico back in January. As David Codrea notes, the media is still calling it a "botched operation". I believe it was ATF Senior Agent John Dodson who said these weapons would be killing for decades. It seems he is being proven all too correct.

Kahr Arms has announced that they will be moving their headquarters from Pearl River, NY to Blooming Grove, PA. They had considered expanding in Port Jervis, NY but canceled those plans when the NY SAFE Act was passed. Kahr Arms will also be building a new plant in Blooming Grove that it expects to employ 80 people. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) said he didn't believe the SAFE Act had anything to do with Kahr's relocation.

Speaking of arms manufacturers leaving states who have passed draconian gun control laws, South Carolina is putting on a full-court press to win Stag Arms. Mark Malkowski was in the Myrtle Beach area the last week of June to look at sites. If South Carolina uses the same personal touch that they used to win PTR Industries, Stag Arms may just end up there instead of Texas.

In the context of the Arlington (MA) Police Department demanding entry to TJIC's home on the 4th of July because he had applied for a gun permit, I found this rewriting of Lexington and Concord quite relevant.

The Violence Policy Center likes to portray concealed carry holders as Wild West cowboys who can be trusted to carry in public. Clayton Cramer examined their database and found it less than it appears. His analysis can be downloaded from here.

Gov. Jay Nixon (D-MO) vetoed one gun rights bill but signed another one that allows state employees to keep firearms in their cars while on state property. The bill also allows fire chiefs with concealed carry permits and special permission to carry while on duty. The bill would also barred municipal gun-buyback schemes unless the firearms are later offered for sale to the public. The bill that Nixon vetoed would have declared some Federal gun laws void and would have made it a crime for Federal officials to try to enforce them in the State of Missouri.

In what can only be considered a horrible accident if true, the San Francisco Fire Department is saying that one of the two Chinese girls killed in the Asiana Boeing 777 plane crash may have been killed when she was run over by a fire department emergency vehicle. Ah, jeez.

A New York State intermediate level appellate court has denied a preliminary injunction of the NY SAFE Act on July 3rd. This denial of a preliminary injunction could be appealed to the NY Court of Appeals which is that state's highest court.

Finally, the Farewell to Arms festival last weekend in Colorado raised over $85,000 for the recall effort against Senate President John Morse (D-Colorado Springs) and Sen. Angela Giron (D-Pueblo).

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