Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Tab Clearing

I got caught up on my email over the weekend and bookmarked a number of items that I planned to blog about. However, other things got in the way as usual for most of us. Stuff like watching the Complementary Spouse's nephew and his team Requiem win a Halo 4 tournament. I don't understand half of what they are doing but it is fun to cheer family on to victory.

Earlier in the month Hornady announced that they were suspending production of 150 bullet types and 150 finished ammo types for the rest of 2013 in order to focus on demand for the most popular items. has the list here.

The FAA is being spoil sports. You may have heard about the small town of Deer Trail, Colorado which is offering "drone hunting licenses" for $25. You are limited to a 12 gauge shotgun max. The town is doing it as a humorous way to raise some money. The FAA is not amused and is warning of "criminal and civil liability" if you do shoot one down.

Some Democrats in Florida are calling for the repeal of that state's Stand Your Ground law.

Shooting Illustrated has an interesting article on an easy way to level your rifle's scope without special equipment. It shows how to level your scope using only low-cost spirit levels instead the special kits sold by MidwayUSA or Brownells.

Guy Sagi has an interesting post up on a recent break-in at his house. He goes into detail about all the things he did wrong as well as what he did correctly. Guy writes the Fear & Loading Blog for the American Rifleman. It is a short article that is well worth the read.
A report on efforts to hasten the implementation of concealed carry in Illinois.

A humorous look at the rationale for owning a number of firearms from the CityWeekly of Salt Lake City. My favorite is No. 2 - "Because shut up - this is Utah, hippie."

Finally, a post from Jeff Knox of the Firearms Coalition on why Stand Your Ground laws must stand.

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