Thursday, July 11, 2013

Received In The Mail

Taking a page from the Instapundit who announces when he gets a new book, I just received in the mail Andrew Branca's The Law of Self Defense. I've scanned it briefly and it is comprehensive. I look forward to reading it in detail and will have a review up afterwards.

Branca has been providing commentary and analysis for the past few weeks on the George Zimmerman trial in Florida at the Legal Insurrection blog. His critiques are excellent and a must read if you want to follow the Zimmerman trial without the cloud of media hype and misinformation.

Branca is offering 20% off on the book until such time as the jury returns a verdict in the Zimmerman trial. He is giving an additional 10% off if you are an IDPA or NRA member. You need to use this code - LOSD2-NRA - to get that discount. Branca, by the way, in addition to his legal practice in Massachusetts is a regular competitor in IDPA matches. If you buy the book directly from Branca, the price is currently at least $10 cheaper than Amazon.

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  1. Andrew is a great guy and the guest on this upcomming Monday's When the Balloon Goes Up! Podcast