Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mayodan Updates Ordinances For Ruger

The Town of Mayodan recognizes the importance of getting the new Ruger plant in their community. In addition to the expected economic incentives from the town, county, and state, Mayodan approved a change in their ordinances concerning the discharge of firearms within city limits.

According to the local paper, The News and Advance, Mayodan's Town Council changed the ordinance Monday to allow firearms manufacturers to test firearms in their plant within city limits.
On Monday, Mayodan Town Council approved a set of amendments to a town ordinance prohibiting the discharge of firearms within the corporate limits.

One change allows industrial facilities to manufacture and test firearms “within an enclosed facility controlled by the manufacturer and not open to the general public as a shooting range.”

Town manager Michael Brandt told council members the exception allowed a firearms manufacturer to test their product at their own facility.

“To eliminate any gray area, we felt that exception should be included here also,” Brandt said. “So, this would make it clear that a manufacturer of firearms, when testing their materials, would be just like any other business testing their product before sales.”
It's good to see a town treat a firearms compnay just like any other business.

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  1. Now that is commonsense arms legislation.