Friday, October 16, 2015

Constitutional Carry And Switchblades?!

I knew yesterday was the first day of constitutional carry in the state of Maine. Rob Vance and I celebrated that with an update to Every Picture Tells A Story.

What I didn't know and found out this morning it was the first day that switchblades became legal in Maine.
October 15, 2015: Maine' LD 264, "An Act To Restore the Right To Possess Certain Knives That Are Used by Many Citizens as Tools," repealing the state's ban on switchblade (automatic) knives is now in effect. Maine is the ninth state to allow switchblades since Knife Rights started it Sharper Future™ campaign six years ago.

Automatic knives are now legal for civilians without restriction in 28 states, and legal with various restrictions in 10 more. Nine of those 28 states have been added by Knife Rights since 2010. Knife Rights passed the nation's first repeal of a automatic knife ban in 2010 in New Hampshire and has since passed repeal of automatic knife bans (and repealed other knife restrictions) in Alaska, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, Tennessee and Texas. In Oklahoma,this year Knife Rights' legalized concealed carry of an switchblade (automatic) knife which goes into effect on November 1st.
Seeing both of these efforts pass gives me hope for Maine. They will be inundated with Bloomberg's money as he and his evil minions try to get a referendum on universal background checks put on the ballot. Mainers are a tough lot and not easily swayed by false emotion. I hope the same will prove true of all the newer in-migrants from places like Massachusetts and New York.


  1. yep! shopping for my auto knife now.. learning alot.. fed laws prohibit getting them mail order, unless supplier is in your state.. looking for local retailers.. keeping my maine ccw license, as it means you are not obliged tontell law enforcement you are carrying.. without a permit, you need to inform immediately... on the irritating as hell front, "moms dancing in the blood in the streets" has filed for a citizens referendum to "enhance" our background check requirements.. sleazy __itches.. ill let you decide if the blank is a b or a w.. and bloomberg can go where the sun dont shine too.. wish us luck!

  2. I always wondered why there were so many rules on the use of switchblade knives. Anyways happy to learn that it became legal at your state.