Wednesday, October 14, 2015

History Freebies

The African Bush Wars have always intrigued me. Whether it was in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Angola, Mozambique, or South West Africa (now Namibia), you had Communist-backed insurgencies, guerrilla warfare, and effective counter-insurgency campaigns. It was kind of like seeing the Vietnam War set in southern Africa but without the massive involvement of the United States.

Today I stumbled across a website that has a number of free e-books available for download. What makes it most interesting is that you have books from both sides. You have analyses of the impact of the Soviet and Cuban advisors, you have a book written by a Cuban about his perspective on the air war in Angola, you have many books from the South African perspective, and the list goes on.

The website also has one of the most extensive collections of books on the African Bush Wars for sale.

Bush War Books and the free downloads can be found here.


  1. That has been a hole I've been trying to plug myself. Very little has been written about the African conflicts, specially the post independence times of the 60s that is not seen but from the communist side or "intelligence" operatives.

    Got 5 books downloaded myself.

    1. I can recommend Chris Cocks' Fire Force which is about the Rhodesian bush war. He served in the Rhodesian Light Infantry which did a lot of hunter-killer type missions against infiltrating terrorists/insurgents.

  2. Thank you John for the "free"advertising you've given our online store! Greatly appreciated! We focus primarily on the South West African/Angolan & Rhodesian Bush Wars and its aftermath. Looking forward to your next store visit!