Thursday, October 8, 2015

Well, Hillary, We've Seen How Successful Negotiations With Iran Have Been

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made an interesting comment during a town hall meeting in Iowa on Wednesday. She compared the NRA to the Iranians and Communists when it comes to negotiating. All I'll say is we've all seen just how successful the Obama Administration has been in its negotiations with the mullahs in Iran. In other words, the US gets diddly-squat and the death to America chanting mullahs get "the bomb".

Frankly, if you think about it, using the negotiating techniques of mullahs and/or "Vlad the Impaler" Putin makes a lot of sense when it comes to gun rights. This is especially true when you consider the gun prohibitionists' idea of compromise is negotiating how much we will give up.

Hillary's comments prior to this remark were to encourage a "Fifth Column", my words - not hers, of gun owners. They have tried this before with false-front organizations like the American Shooters and Hunters Association. I think the average gun owner is on to their tactics by now.

As an aside, I would encourage everyone to listen to Michael Bane's rant on this week's Downrange Radio. It is 45 minutes well spent. He describes the war between those who cherish our freedom and those who would take it away in very stark terms.

H/T The Daily Caller

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