Thursday, October 15, 2015

Quote Of The Day

The quote of the day has nothing to do with gun rights but everything to do with our feckless (and anti-gun) president. It is from Prof. Frederick Kagan of the American Enterprise Institute. Kagan was formerly a professor of military history at West Point.

There was no meaningful al Qaeda presence in Afghanistan when Barack Obama took office. There will likely be al Qaeda strategic bases there when he leaves. That is failure by any standard.


  1. Unless you're a dem, then it's a badge of success, in that they have 'allowed' muslims to do what they do without American 'interference'... sigh

  2. Unless you're a dem, then it's a badge of success, in that they have 'allowed' muslims to do what they do without American 'interference'... sigh

  3. This is what happens when a street walker micromanages the prosecution of war. Also, a significant part of such 'strategy' is to deny calling the enemy for what they are. Here at home, it is politicized to decry others for speaking the truth but to call them using whatever pejorative would stick. To that end, it is about making friends with the enemy (even when they won't play along) yet b'gosh demonizing those who criticize a failed strategy.

    So tell me, where does his heart (presuming a heart) lie? I, as President, would bend over backwards to support even the jr officers in the strat and tactics which they conceive. I would NOT presume that I, as a civilian, even though CiC possess the wherewithal to superimpose myself upon their directives. It is a sign of failed leadership to pull rank. I pray for them put in harms way under this asshole usurper pathological narcissistic muslim faggot.

  4. Re: a failed strategy: Even when it was known to fail from the outset. That is, even before implementation.

  5. I cannot recall a single instance (save one, the Pilipino people prior to McArthur's return), of success when the natives were used as the foundation of a winning strategy. However, I can recall many instances of recent times when development of regulars as the basis of an all encompassing strategy was the precursor of failure.

    But what other example from recent time is there? Yet, of all the examples since then, that one instance stands out namely because it is a single example amongst many failed examples. Yet this current day jerkoff presumes oh so wrongly that support and development of a native force should be the foundation for a presumed strategy ( I don't really believe he has a strategy because every turn reveals he is playing it by ear and a half-assed effort at that) which would suffer the enemy to the point that they would sue for peace. But no, it is the natives who run for cover at the drop of the hat. It is now many times which the enemy has therefore taken possession of ordnance, supply & materials provided by our *cough* supposedly leaders, political hacks. And infiltration. The enemy surely defined by now yet apparently as mysterious as ever have easily come into the ranks to the point that they are aware of tactics in real time. It is such to the point that any 'build-up' of the native force is synonymous to arming the hostile combatants.