Monday, October 5, 2015

Quote Of The Day

The quote of the day comes from Chris Knox. He wrote an article with his impressions of the Gun Rights Policy Conference that was held in Phoenix last weekend. Chris noted that majority of the speakers and virtually all the attendees were unpaid gun rights activists. They were from the actual grassroots and constitute the real gun lobby.

After discussing which organizations such as GOA, SAAMI, and NSSF had sent representatives to speak, Chris mentioned that the NRA had no official presence at the gathering unlike in the early years of the conference. He then said:
Those who think NRA is hard-line have never been to a GRPC.
I think he is right.

Listening to speakers from the various state-level gun rights organizations such as Grass Roots North Carolina, CalGuns, AZ Citizens Defense League, and many others, you got the sense that they were anxious to take Bloomberg and his paid evil minions head on. Moreover, they had no intention of giving any quarter in the battle for gun rights. The strategy is to meet force with force and to make any gains made by the gun prohibitionists so costly that "they think twice before 'winning' again."

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