Sunday, January 8, 2012

Do You Need Backup Iron Sights On Your AR-15?

Andrew at Vuurwapen Blog has just posted a video discussing whether you need BUIS on your AR-15 if you are not in combat arms, a LEO, or similar. He makes a lot of good points and notes that his M-4 wasn't equipped with BUIS when he deployed as a Navy Corpsman with the Marines to Al Anbar Province in Iraq.

I think I'll be taking another look at this for some of my future builds. Realistically, I can't see the need for BUIS on an AR-15 set up for hunting coyotes or other varmints.


  1. If I was dedicating an upper to be a varmint shooter, I wouldn't spend the money on BUIS. However, mine spends part time with a scope on QD rings during hunting season as a back-up and the rest of the year with a red dot and low profile BUIS. I switch back and forth between the iron and red dot depending on the range and what I'm trying to accomplish.

  2. Your video it has very applicable information for setting up AR-15. AR-15 looks like an AK-47.

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