Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holder To Testify On Groundhog Day

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee announced today that Attorney General Eric Holder is scheduled to testify before the full committee on February 2nd.
Attorney General Holder to Testify Feb. 2 on DOJ’s Response to Operation Fast and Furious

WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa today announced that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has been scheduled to testify on February 2 about the Department of Justice's knowledge of, and response to, gunwalking that occurred in Operation Fast and Furious. The Attorney General will be asked to address management deficiencies within the Department that occurred both during and after the conclusion of Operation Fast and Furious. This will include the Department's steadfast refusal to disclose information following the February 4, 2011 letter to Senator Grassley, which the Department has withdrawn because it contained false information denying allegations made by whistleblowers about Operation Fast and Furious. The committee's investigation has found documentation that numerous members of the Justice Department knew the letter to Congress contained false information both before it was sent and later withdrawn.

"The Department of Justice's conduct in the investigation of Operation Fast and Furious has been nothing short of shameful," said Chairman Issa. "From its initial denials that nothing improper occurred, to efforts to silence whistleblowers who wanted to tell Congress what really happened, to its continuing refusal to discuss or share documents related to this cover-up, the Justice Department has fought tooth and nail to hide the full truth about what occurred and what senior officials knew. Attorney General Holder must explain or reverse course on decisions that appear to put the careers of political appointees ahead of the need for accountability and the Department's integrity."

Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa and Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Chuck Grassley have led the investigation into Operation Fast and Furious. In December 2011, the Justice Department explicitly informed the Committee that it would not deliver subpoenaed documents relating to Operation Fast and Furious created after February 4, 2011. In interviews with committee investigators, senior Justice Department officials who had management responsibilities for Operation Fast and Furious have also refused to answer questions about decisions and conversations that occurred after February 4, 2011.

The hearing will occur in 2154 Rayburn House Office Building. The start time has yet to be determined.

For more information about the committee's investigation into Operation Fast and Furious, visit the website at
The question now is which Groundhog Day will this be. Will it be the one in the movie where Bill Murray lives the same day over and over again or in this case Eric Holder tells the same lies over and over?

Or will it be the one where the mainstream media doesn't see the shadow of the Obama Administration and finally begins to cover the scandal for what it is - an attempt to promote more gun control on the bodies of hundreds of dead Mexicans and two U.S. federal law enforcement officers?

Only time will tell.


  1. @David: If the mainstream media remains scared of being yelled at by the bullies in the press office (and sees the shadow of the Obama Admin), they will continue to say it is a Republican made-up issue.

    If Holder sees his shadow, it will be more of the same old lies he and his henchmen have been telling for months.