Friday, January 13, 2012

Plea Deals In NYC

Sebastian has reports on one plea deal and another that may be pending on the recent arrests for possession of firearms in New York City.

First, a plea deal has been struck for the Tea Party leader arrested at LaGuardia Airport when trying to check a firearm. He pled to disorderly conduct and had to forfeit his Glock 27. An updated link to the story can also be found here.

The second involves registered nurse and medical student Meredith Graves. According to what Sebastian is reporting, a plea deal to a similar charge may be in the works.

Read both and push your Senator to support HR 822 which would have, at the least, exempted Meredith Graves from this madness.

UPDATE: Mark Meckler writes about his whole experience here. It makes for some interesting reading.

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  1. "Plea bargains" = Court sponsored perjury. "Forfeiture" = Theft of personal property by coercion.