Monday, January 16, 2012

In Case You Missed It This Weekend

There were a lot of great blog posts over the weekend in the gun blogosphere. However, there are two that I really want to point as worthy of a careful read.

The first is by Barron Barnett at The Minuteman. It is an open letter to Joan Peterson, gun prohibitionist and Brady Campaign board member, who took great exception to the video that he and Joe Huffman produced. Barron points out the hypocrisy of her views, the attacks made on gun rights activists by the prohibitionists, and how we care about all victims of violence - not the select few.

The second post is an examination of Mitt Romney's record in Massachusetts by Bitter at Shall Not Be Questioned. During the time that Romney was Governor of Massachusetts, Bitter was a resident of the commonwealth and was active with the Gun Owners Action League. She points out she is not a fan of Romney - nor am I for that matter - but felt the need to clarify his record on firearms from that time because we would be doing "our constituency a disservice if we aren’t honest about Mitt’s record on gun rights." It turns out he did a number of things that actually helped gun owners.

As I said in the intro, both of these posts are worthy of your time and should be read. The former because it points out where the other side is coming from and the latter because we don't always get the candidate and probably nominee for President we might wish to have.

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