Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Soldiers' Angels Fundraiser And Giveaway Ends January 12th

Linoge's fundraiser for the organization Soldier's Angels ends tomorrow at 6pm EST. To date, he has raised $2,325 for this great organization. If you haven't donated - and gotten your ticket to win one of the the prizes - there is no time like the present!

 Soldiers' Angels has sent hundreds of thousands of care packages to our deployed soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen. They have provided over 6,000 voice-activated laptops to seriously wounded servicemen and women. And this is just the beginning. They - and our servicemen and women - deserve our help. so please be generous.
The Rules:

How to Earn a Ticket:

1. Every five dollars you donate directly to Soldiers’ Angels nets you one numbered ticket.
2. Every five dollars you spend in their Dollar Days or Amazon shops (where the products are shipped directly to them) gets you one ticket.
3. Every five dollars you spend in the Angels’ Store for any product that is shipped to "ANY Hero", "ANY Wounded Soldier", or "A SPECIFIC Soldier" earns you one ticket.
4. DO NOT SEND ME MONEY. All money and goods should go directly to Soldiers’ Angels.
5. DO SEND ME THE RECEIPT. Anonymize it however you like, and use the actual receipt or a screencap, but email from an address I can reach you back at. Send the receipt/proof to “linoge (at) wallsofthecity (dot) net”.
6. Specify how many of your tickets you want in the "holster", "belt", and "general" pools.
7. Within 24 hours, you should receive an email from me indicating your ticket numbers. If you do not, feel free to email me again or comment here.

How We Will Do the Drawing:

1. The drawing will occur in decreasing fair market value (in other words, most-expensive item first, according to MSRP).
2. You can only win once.
3. When you send me your receipt, please indicate how many tickets you want put in each pool.
4. A single drawing will take place for each prize (currently 29), not each pool.
5. At 1800 EST on 12JAN12, with Better Half watching over my shoulder, I will hit up and generate however many numbers I need. I will email the winners that day.

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