Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Present For Bloomberg

Earlier this month I made the suggestion that people should send Mayor Michael Bloomberg packets of Goody's or B.C. Headache Powders.

Mayor Bloomberg, if you will recall, had slandered Tennessee nurse and med student Meredith Graves by saying she had been arrested for cocaine possession. This was in addition to running afoul of New York City's draconian gun laws. That "cocaine" was, in reality, an aspirin-based headache powder which is very common throughout the South. Of course, those charges were dropped after the substance was tested.

I followed my own suggestion and mailed Mayor Bloomberg a six-pack of Goody's Powders along with a sheet from the North Carolina History Project explaining the origins of headache powders. I fully expect that I am now on the suspected terrorist list for the City of New York. To use a good Southern expression, this makes no nevermind to me as I don't intend to set foot in any of the five boroughs while Bloomberg is mayor and the gun laws are as they are.

Note - If you click on the picture, you can enlarge it and read the text of my letter without squinting.

UPDATE: At the request of Dannytheman, here is a link to the North Carolina History Project's page on headache powders. Headache powders originated with pharmacists in North Carolina.


  1. You are far too nice in your letter. Though, I suppose, F bombs are not appropriate for formal communication.

  2. If you are on the NYC terrorist watch list, then I suspect you are in very good company. Perhaps a followup letter, requesting that your name, address, and description be correctly noted on the list is in order. You wouldn't want the NYPD to confuse you with some unsuspecting citizen would you, and miss out on the honor of being detained as a threat to the public and disturbance of Bloomberg's addle-brained peace, would you?

  3. I would have liked to read the paper also!! Nicely written and followed up on!

  4. Well Played, Sir!

    They deserve to be shamed!

  5. Next up. Bloomburg gets a law passed banning headache powders in NYC. After all, thet've got massive amounts of caffine in them!

  6. What a great letter. Your efforts remind me of a stunt a radio station did on Mayor Villaraigosa of Los Angeles. He was at a rally for illegal immigrants in 2006 and made the statement, "We clean your toilets." The radio station requested that listeners send the mayor toilet brushes. By all reports, he received thousands toilet brushes. Bloomburg may need more than a six-pack of Goody's Powders.

    1. I figure you have no been put onto some terrorist watch list due to the fact that you have mailed "anthrax" through the mail.

  7. @FightinBlueHen51: That's why I included the original receipt with the letter. I wanted to prove that it was what I said it was.

  8. I would like to contribute to the nice lady's legal fund. What better way to ensure that idiot gets sued into oblivion. Anyone know where I can contribute?