Sunday, January 1, 2012

Top Five Posts For 2011

In terms of pageviews, the following are the top five posts from this blog for 2011.

1. Every Picture Tells A Story

This post was the result of research sent to me by Rob Vance which showed the rise of shall-issue and constitutional carry over time as plotted against the population of the United States. As I wrote at the time, shall-issue is the new normal.

2. Every Picture Tells A Story, Part Two

This post was also the result of research by Rob Vance. The graphic in this post plotted the decline in violent crimes as shall-issue CCW increased. 

3. Ronnie Barrett Responds To Felipe Calderon

I'm not sure why this post made it to the top 5 but it is a YouTube video of an interview Cam Edwards did with Ronnie Barrett of Barrett Firearms.

4. Easy Way To Comment On ATF's Power Grab

This post contained a link to a letter generator with which to send official comments to the Department of Justice and ATF regarding their plan to require FFLs in the Southwest Border states to submit multiple sale reports for certain semi-automatic rifles. The submissions still have not been posted to the ATF's website and obviously were ignored as they went ahead with that requirement.

5. Bitter Clingers

Finally, this post was a picture of a gunshop located near Bristol, TN. I still haven't been able to visit that shop but I hear it is an excellent gunshop. This post was a tongue-in-cheek poke at Barack Obama's claim that we are bitterly clinging to our guns and religion.

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  1. Working on another concept. Will email you for comment. Highest levels of gun control (at least per Brady bunch standards) do not equal lower rates of violent crime.