Monday, January 30, 2012

Linoge On NGVAC

Linoge at Walls of the City does an excellent job at dissecting and then eviscerating the "new" gun control group National Gun Victims Action Council. He looks at its leaders and then their overview of what they want to do.

As with all gun control groups, they will eventually tell you the truth about their aims. In this case, NGVAC says "Any sane gun law will lead to the government being able to take your guns away."

Linoge calls this "a seven-inch, ivory-handled KA-BAR shoved between the third and fourth ribs of the dorsal side of "gun control" (which is a wonderful image in and of itself) and then continues:
Why? Simple: one of the favorite talking points of "gun control" extremists – especially when someone accurately observes that registration leads to confiscation – is that no modern "gun control" organization wants to take your guns away.


Well, then, thank you Elliot and thank you Andrew and thank you to the rest of the National Gun Victims Action Council for providing us such an easy counterpoint to that claim – after all, why would people so viciously obsessed with firearms and the demonization of them want the government to have the ability to take our firearms away if they did not actually want the government to do exactly that?
As one of Linoge's commenters says that one would expect NGVAC "to at least obfuscate the message in a way that doesn’t offend anyone with two brain cells to rub together."


Read Linoge's whole post. It provides a logical antidote to the pablum put out by the gun prohibitionists.

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  1. Thanks for the honor!

    One has to wonder how stupid they had to be to write that out in the fashion they did, but if there is one consistent thing that can be said for the opponents of liberty, it is that they are not terribly bright.

    Thankfully for us ;).