Sunday, September 23, 2012

But Only Ones...

David Codrea often refers to law enforcement officers as "only ones". It is a riff on the claim by many gun prohibitionists that the only ones who should have guns are law enforcement (and military) as they are the "only ones" properly trained and responsible enough to have guns.

Given the recent shooting at the Empire State Building in New York City where all the wounded were caused by errant shots fired by NYPD officers, the shooting skills of many police officers was exposed to be less than optimal. Indeed, most non-only ones shoot more on a regular basis than they do.

Joe Huffman and his local gun club decided to do an objective test. They ran a USPSA club shoot using the Los Angles Police Department qualification test. However, to meet USPSA rules they actually had to make it a bit harder. Nonetheless, they had a 79% pass rate on a tougher course of fire.

Barron Barnett of The-Minuteman blog provides a video explanation below:

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