Sunday, September 30, 2012

It Can Still Be Done

The film Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire still needs funding to get it off the ground. As of this afternoon, Kris Koenig is still $37,750 short of the needed $65,000 to conduct the initial interviews and there are only four more days to raise it on Kickstarter.

I had the opportunity to meet Kris and his assistant Anita this weekend at the Gun Rights Policy Conference. They are good people and they are dedicated to the Second Amendment. Kris conducted a number of filmed interviews for the film this weekend and is off to a good start.

Kris has the contacts and the commitment from public television to get this program on the air. However, as I said in the opening paragraph, he needs money to finish the project. Personally, I have raised my own pledge four-fold because I believe in this project.

The readers of this blog are backers of gun rights or they wouldn't be reading my blog. Here is my challenge: if everyone who reads my blog in next couple of days would only pledge $5 it would put this project over the top.

Let me put $5 into perspective. Five bucks is:
  • 4 softdrinks at $1.25 each, or
  • 1 fancy coffee drink at Starbucks plus the tip, or
  • Less than the cost of a Big Mac meal at McDonalds
  • The change scattered on the top of your dresser, or
  • The cost of a big box of popcorn at the movies, or
  • Less than the cost of a movie ticket.
I think you get the idea. Five bucks isn't a lot of money in and of itself but if enough people donate five bucks it begins to add up. 

So please, consider making a pledge to this project. You can make your pledge here.