Sunday, September 9, 2012

Crimson Trace Releases Their First Green Lasers

Crimson Trace has released their first four green lasers to the market. These include Laserguard models for certain 1911s, full sized Glocks, and the Springfield XD/XDm and the Rail Master for any firearm with a Picatinny rail.

Crimson Trace Releases Four Green Laser Sights to Market

(Wilsonville, OR) Crimson Trace announced today the release of the highly anticipated green Laserguard® and Rail Master™ products. This initial release of the green laser sight line includes Laserguard models for Kimber and Smith & Wesson 1911 frames, Glock Full Size and Compact and Springfield XD/XDm firearms. The Rail Master model is designed to fit on firearms equipped with a Picatinny rail – making it the ultimate in universal green laser sighting systems. All four of these models are available now through normal distribution and from starting at $269.

“By now, most consumers are savvy enough to know that green lasers have always been power-hungry compared to their red counterparts,” explained Kent Thomas, Director of Marketing for Crimson Trace. “By mounting them in front of the trigger guard, we’re able to utilize battery power in both a functional and design friendly way significantly more than ever - which means our customers never have to compromise on run tim e.” Just as important as the green laser product introduction, holsters from BladeTech, Mitch Rosen, De Santis, Crossbreed and Galco will be available to fit these new green laser sights.

The Laserguard platform is the ideal and ultimate additional to conceal carry firearms. The unit is quickly and easily installed by the user simply by securing around the trigger guard with provided screws. The profile for the pistol does change which is why Crimson Trace works with top holster manufacturers to create holster solutions for all Laserguard equipped firearms. Check out the Holster Resource Guide for details on all models.

The Rail Master platform has become a success story virtually overnight. This unique design attaches to any firearm with a Picatinny rail and will not move due to the Secure-Lock Technology™ system. Each unit comes standard with four inserts that are easily interchangeable to fit a wide range of pistols and long guns equipped with a Picatinny rail and activate with simple, easy to reach activation.

Both the Laserguard and Rail Master are pre sighted from the factory at 50’ and are fully adjustable by the user to fine tune it to their chosen self defense ammunition. Featuring the most powerful laser allowable by law, the units offer an industry leading 2 hour run time on one, easily replaced CR2 battery.

All Crimson Trace products are proudly designed, engineered and built in the USA. For further information contact;

Iain Harrison
1-800-442-2406 x1303


  1. Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser, ess, not zed.

    Sorry, personal hot button.

    1. Fixed. I wrote that last night after an out of town trip. Must have been tired!

  2. It is quite strange that US government is pretending like it is against terrorism but on the other hand there is more and more update weapons are coming in the US market.

    1. This makes no sense. Crimson Trace products are being bought by ordinary Americans wishing to protect themselves against crime just like the many other products made by the firearms industry.

      Terrorism has nothing to do with this.

  3. Ian demo'd these at the Gunblogger Rendezvous - and there's a grip-version in the works too. The main production problem with the grip-version is getting the size down because "green" needs more power than "red" and has a few more elements.
    And he really is an amazing Top Shot, made my Ed Brown sing.