Monday, September 10, 2012

What Is It With Bloomberg And His Illegal Mayors?

Yet another member of the Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns was arrested.


The FBI early this morning took Trenton, NJ Mayor Tony Mack into custody on Federal charges of conspiracy and extortion. From NBC New York:
Mack faces federal charges including conspiracy to obstruct commerce by extortion. Joseph "JoJo" Giorgianni, a top campaign contributor, and six others were also taken into custody. Information on their attorneys wasn't immediately available. Specific charges against the suspects are expected to be outlined by Paul Fishman, the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey, later Monday.

Mack and the others arrested Monday were brought to the FBI office in Hamilton for processing and are scheduled to appear in federal court.

The arrests are the latest development in an ongoing federal investigation into alleged corruption within Mack's administration, which has been marked by accusations of nepotism and reckless spending. In July, FBI agents searched offices in Trenton City Hall a day after raiding the mayor's home. They also searched the home of his brother, Ralpiel Mack, and that of Giorgianni.
Mack is listed as one of the New Jersey members of MAIG as seen here.

As I said in the headline, what is it with these Illegal Mayors? You have them being arrested on corruption charges, extortion, assault, and the list goes on.

UPDATE: According to Bitter, MAIG has scrubbed Mayor Tony Mack from their list of members.

Silly gun prohibitionists! The Interwebs never forget. And besides, David Codrea put up a screen shot of the MAIG website and Mayor Mack when he posted on this earlier this morning on his WarOnGuns blog.


  1. Surprisingly NBC actually noted this person's party affiliation in the third paragraph. Of course, if he was a Republican it would have been in the headline. /cynicism

  2. It should not be a surprise that those politicians most afraid of armed citizens are the most corrupt.