Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quote Of The Day

The quote of the day comes from Cemetary's Gun Blog. After noting that The Who's Won't Be Fooled Again is quite appropriate for this political season, he asks this question:
But I have to wonder, since they sing about ‘fighting in the streets’, ‘shotguns singing songs’, ‘hat tipping to the revolution’, would CSGV put Pete Townshend and The Who on the insurrectionist timeline?
Given that Ladd's musical tastes run more to America, they probably would.


  1. Ooh...put me in that category too. Love America more than The Who. Crap.

    1. I got overdosed on America when I was a freshman in HS. All I heard on the radio was "A Horse with No Name" over and over.

  2. The local hippy-dippy station plays that song virtually non stop on election nights until I'm sick of it. In the end the answer to the question of "how dumb do they think we are?" is answerable simply by pointing to the elected officials we have.

    As to Obama, he says we'll love him more in 2013. Now go listen to the Byrds "Whole Lot Better". He may be right.