Thursday, September 20, 2012

Preparing For That "Cold Bore" Shot

The US Army Marksmanship Unit has produced some useful YouTube videos for the average shooter. In the video below, Sgt. Joe Hein, an International Rifle competitor, discusses how to prepare for the first shot from a cold bore. That is, the first shot of the day which for many hunters may be the only shot of the day.

Sgt. Hein illustrates the difference in grouping for a cold rifle with a clean bore versus one with a somewhat dirty bore. You tend to get more consistent groups from a cold rifle with a dirty bore.

It's a short video but I learned something.


  1. Check their other videos - 28 in all. The Army Marksmanship Unit is on the YouTube teaching shooting skills. Nice of them.

    Other videos:

    - Shooting In The Woods
    - Basic Shooting Positions
    - Engaging A Moving Target


  2. I find it really awesome that our military is producing marksmanship training for the civilian population.

    Can we imagine any other country doing these same videos?