Saturday, September 1, 2012

No Stock Needed

A new company, Halix, has come out with a product that call the NSN for no stock needed. It is a padded attachment that goes on the buffer tube of an AR-15 pistol and allows the shooter to rest their chin on it. By doing this, it allows an AR pistol to be used like a short barreled rifle. I just noticed this yesterday on a post by Soldier Systems and on Facebook. It is getting a lot of comment with a good bit of that trending towards the negative.

In the video below, you can see it in action.

Neal Brace, developer and president of Halix, talks in more detail here about the features of the NSN. You should bear in mind that it has not been released for sale yet and the pre-release price is $249.

As I noted above, it is generating a lot of comments. There is a thread on and about the NSN. There is also a spirited discussion of it on Facebook page. Many of the comments revolve around what the recoil will do to your jaw especially for people suffering from TMJ, the cost of it versus the $200 tax stamp for a SBR, and the legality of it in the eyes of BATFE.

It is that last thing that would concern me the most if I was shelling out $249 for it. We have seen numerous times where the BATFE Technical Section approves something and then reverses its own decision a bit later. Still it looks to be innovative and could convert a AR-15 pistol into a PDW or personal defense weapon rather easily.


  1. I've shot a 10.5" RRA pistol like that for years. I can hit a 6" plate at 50 - 75 yds off hand, easily. Compared to a rifle with a buttstock, that's not great. Compared to trying to hit a 6" target at 50 yds with a Glock 17, SIG P226, etc., it's fantastic. It's never going to beat a rifle, but as pistols go, it is a long range winner.