Friday, May 13, 2011

2011 Gunnie Awards, the online ammo distributor, is sponsoring a contest for gun bloggers and gun podcasters called the Gunnie Awards. As other bloggers have noted, it is a popularity contest but I'm cool with that.

No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money has been nominated for a Gunnie Award in the following categories:
  •  Best Gun Blog - Law
  •  Best Gun Blog - Politics

Voting is now open for the next 14 days to determine the winners in each of the 9 categories. If you want to participate, go to the special Gunnie Awards webpage.

In the Law category, I'm competing with such heavy hitters as the Instapundit, Dave Hardy of Of Arms and the Law, Dr. John Lott, David Codrea's War on Guns, and Dave Kopel. Meanwhile, in the Politics category, I'm up against Sharp As A Marble, SaysUncle, and Snow Flakes In Hell among others. I feel like a rookie pitcher just called up from Single A level and is now facing three of the biggest sluggers on the other team....and the bases are loaded with no outs.

I have no expectations of winning anything. I have to admit I am a little thrilled to be put in the same categories as those mentioned.


  1. Your blog rocks. Regardless of the outcome, you and your significant efforts to create an informative, vibrant, and entertaining website deserve the recognition (and our appreciation). NL-OGAM is a daily read for me and many others in my circle of gun rights advocates.

    -Brandon Combs

  2. @Brandon: Many thanks! I really do appreciate comments like this.